How To Start Your Own Plant Nursery – Part 1

How To Start Your Own Plant Nursery – Part 1

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If you’re thinking of starting your own plant nursery this video is the second in my short series on explaining to people just like you how you can grow your own plants for a profit.

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The video introduces the idea of using a sand box and how to take softwood cuttings on a large scale using sharp sand. It will put this in a little more context if you watch the first in the series.

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Note: If you thinking of selling plants you need to research something called Plant Breeders Rights.

Basically it’s a law that was introduced to protect the rights of plant breeders … a sort of patent for plants if you like. Essentially it made it illegal to propagate plants for profit … but the good news is there are loads of plants out there that were around before Plant Breeders Rights were introduced that you CAN propagate.

My advice is:

1. Always read the label on any plant that you buy. It will clearly state if the plant is subject to Plant Breeders Rights.
2. Look for the older varieties and you should have no problems with propagating them.
3. Propagate these older varieties so other growers can access these unprotected varieties.

The more ‘protected plants’ that are introduced to the market the more demand there will be for the ‘unprotected’ varieties.

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