Hunter Wellies Rubber Rainboots Review – Is It Worth It?

Hunter Wellies Rubber Rainboots Review – Is It Worth It?

An in-depth review of HUNTER WELLIES BOOTS:

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First of all, they’re made out of vulcanized rubber, the same material that Goodyear originally patented. Generally, rain boots are either made from vulcanized rubber or from synthetic materials. While a synthetic rubber is very resistant to oils, chemicals, and fluids, it’s not resistant to puncturing and cuts, however, synthetics are usually quite lightweight and insulating and because of that, they’re usually paired with a more cutting and puncture resistant material on the outside. On the other hand, natural rubber resists pretty much anything except petroleum and oil-based solutions that may have an impact on its longevity. It’s extremely resistant to cuts and punctures and on top of that, it offers slip resistance. Because of that, I think vulcanized rubber still today is a very good material for rain boots. The Wellies feature a very thin inexpensive polyester lining on the inside, it also comes with an adjustable buckle on the top but if you have big calves, the buckle sits too far up so it really doesn’t help you to adjust the size very much. It has a nice treaded sole that provides a decent amount of grip as well as about an inch or two and a half centimeter heel. The rubber itself is quite comfortable.

So now let’s look at the pros and cons. Obviously,  Hunter Wellies have a great brand history, their branding is nice, it comes to you in a beautiful box, it makes you feel important, has a little logo inside the heel, you can see the hunter brand on top of the boot. Also in my experience, it gets the job done and protects you from outside wetness and it’s overall quite comfortable as long as you don’t go in areas where it’s very cold because the polyester and the rubber don’t insulate at all.

Which brings us to the cons. Rubber is inherently non-breathable so even though a rubber boot keeps out the water, it makes you sweat inside of your boot and so if you walk a lot, you may be just as wet if the outside water gets into your regular shoes. Vulcanized rubber will also have hazing over time so you have to clean the boots. They will look old, while some people simply don’t care, it’s something that’s not necessarily more attractive in a boot.

The big question, are Hunter Wellies rain boots worth it?

In general, I’d have to say no. In my opinion, for the average man, it simply don’t warrant the price because there are not enough scenarios where you’d benefit from a boot. If you’re in a countryside, it’s a different ballgame and a pair of rubber boots makes sense. If you’re not though, I think it’s simply overkill. It seems to me that the price paid for Hunter Wellies is mostly built on brand reputation. So for $155, you get a fancy corrugated cardboard box with a little bit of history and a bright red interior. The boot itself has the Hunter logo at the bottom as well as the hunter logo on top. On the inside, you see that it has the Royal warrants as well as a field for your name and phone number in case you ever lose them, they’re so big that you will never overlook them. The boots are made in China from vulcanized rubber which is the same material cheap Home Depot boots use. So I checked and you can find boots in the same material with the same lining in a very similar shape for around $40 and in terms of comfort, they’re pretty much the same.

Also, there many ways to deal with the wet weather. If it’s just a little bit of rain, regular leather shoes will be just fine. There are even suede leathers which have a durable water repellent coating on them so you can wear them when it gets really wet. If it’s pouring, rain galoshes are great if you wear business shoes regularly or even other shoes. Otherwise, I think ankle length rubber boots are the most type of boots men will ever need. If you are a country gentleman or if you’d like to be in the outdoors and you walk in little creeks and mud, I think a pair of rubber boots is ideal but it’s up to you whether you want to spend $155 for the Hunter Wellies or about forty dollars for something comparable without the brand recognition. So personally for me, the Hunter Wellies are definitely not worth it. 
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