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If you have a garden but you don’t want to spend lots of money to decorate it, then it is time to explore your creativity. Knick- knacks even rocks and stones are natural, can add beautiful elements to your garden with little or no maintenance. All you need to do is to collect them and make them beautify your garden adding the element of your personal style.

I recently moved into an apartment with a small patio, it is a perfect spot to spend the balmy summer evenings, perhaps with a drink and a good book in hand. I had visions of cultivating a little balcony garden or a window box of bright flowers but looking at the space now it feels a little ho-hum! There is always something that disrupts- work or something else making my outdoor space overrun with plants gone skewed. Little by little, my dream for a cozier outdoor spot became distinct. If my story is similar to yours’, sloping garden with patchy grass and unsightly weeds are destroying your backyard’s potential to transform into a tropical haven then it is time for the lush garden makeover.


This weekend I prepared myself to give my outdoor space a little makeover. I want to create the space of my dreams — where I can just relax and read.  If you’re on a budget, then there are several easy and inexpensive things you can do to accomplish a first-rate backyard makeover. Whether you want to make use of your limited outdoor space in time for summer with an arrangement of potted plants or you want to bring beauty and wildlife into your backyard, it is all covered. It is time to create your wonderfully peaceful place to spend a relaxing summer evening!


Getting Started

The first step is to plan the structural elements– retaining walls, garden beds, fences and the overall layout. Doing everything properly for the first time is important so that you don’t have to fix mistakes further down the track.  Plan the then landscaping that suits your lifestyle – if you are busy, it is better to plant things that are low maintenance.


Level the Slopping Block

While creating your dream garden the main priority is to level the sloping block. You can even the land by laying new grass, and building new garden beds.


Choose your plants

When it comes to choosing plants, it depends on your vision of the dream garden like I wanted to create a tropical feel, so I picked frangipani and bamboo palm, just to name a few.


Plant it right

To create a layered look, it is important to plant the larger one at the back of the garden beds, the smaller ones at the front, and a mix of ground covers in between.


Deck it up

Transform your outdoor space into a relaxing and restful retreat with beautiful patio furniture. Tight budget? No worries. You can make-over a porch with a few items (day bed, potted plants, and Chinese lanterns) that will make the space comfortable and stylish.


Garden Oasis

You can add a mini fountain or a DIY water body, which can be placed on an outdoor table or on an apartment patio.  The soothing, therapeutic gurgle of the water will create a restful harmony in your Zen Zone.


Décor Knick-Knacks    

Summer isn’t over yet — there’s still time to make your outdoor space a place you can enjoy during the warm evenings!  You can use these tips and tricks to revamp your garden. If you need help with your yard work, download KINCT today and hire a local gardener.


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