MHW Iceborne | Hunting Horn Guide: Story Progression

MHW Iceborne | Hunting Horn Guide: Story Progression

In today’s video I’ll showcase the best mixed sets, charms and weapons to use during your progression through the Iceborne story. If you are a new player who wants to try the game out, or someone who wants to try HH on a fresh playthrough…this video is for you !

➖ Imgur Album for IG sets (by u/EchoesPartOne)➕ :

📝MHW – Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide📝 :

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00:00 Start
00:57 High rank sets
01:59 Early MR set
03:14 Mid-Game MR set
04:20 Razor Sharp charm
04:59 Endgame MR set (early endgame)
06:54 Endgame MR set V2
08:27 Sforzando
08:50 Dodogama HH
09:47 Velkhana HH
10:07 Furious Rajang HH
11:18 Mining at the start of Master Rank
11:41 Impact echo waves
12:28 Geologist lvl1 for Guiding Lands
13:08 Closing thoughts

🎶🎶The music used for this video🎶🎶

MHW Astera’s theme
MHW Iceborne : seliana’s theme
MHW Iceborne : succession of light
Octopath Traveler – Alfyn’s theme

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