New Dreams of Mandarin Duck and Butterfly


Originating from the beautiful and poignant love story “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”, also known as the Butterfly Lovers, butterfly symbolizes love, romance, happiness, rebirth and so on. Image of butterflies is also used as a temporary cure for any area of your life that needs change. When you are experiencing difficulties in certain areas of your life, the energy of these butterflies can be brought into the corresponding areas of your home. Since butterflies know how to gracefully go through transformation stages then to become beautiful. Apart from that idea, the butterfly is also connected to the fame sector. So aiming to improve love and marriage, placing it in southwest sector would be better. It is also believed when the butterfly comes to your house, you are about to receive some important guests who will bring good news relating to your career and life.

Chinese Butterfly Painting

Two?Mandarin ducks?playing in the water
A pair of Mandarin Ducks
Playing in the cold water
The drake clad in his colored tux
Preening for his demure lover
They splash and swim in unison
Like little ducklings frolicking
A sincere love in season
So caught up in their rollicking
The drake chases his lady
As she coyly paddles away
He wants to make her his baby
Before she can get away
Soon their eyes lock in affection
Captured in conjugal bliss
A symbol of wedded connection
Their beaks in a gentle kiss

I found this vivid and exquisite poem on the Internet, which impressed me very much. Here I just share it with you. Compared with Chinese classical poem about mandarin ducks, this poem is easier to be understood without abstruse moral meaning. While I should figure out that mandarin ducks are romantic and desirable animals as a symbol of long-lasting and happy relationship in Chinese culture. So hanging mandarin duck in the South West sector of the house can betoken happy and harmonious marriage life.

And, another poem bamboo is great.

Ode to Bamboo

“Bamboo staff in hand,

Straw sandals

Better than a horse.

What’s to fear?

Mist and rain,

One straw rain cape enough for a lifetime.”

These sentences are the famous rhesis in Su Dongpo’s poem-Claiming the Waves. From this we can see that bamboo was closely connected with the daily lives of people in ancient China and people could not live without bamboo. Throughout the centuries,?bamboo?has inspired the imagination of artists, while men of letters have written poetry and prose to express their admiration for the purity and elegance of bamboo. They compared the qualities of bamboo to those of man, and Su Dongpo attributed his literary inspiration to bamboo. Bamboo was also a favorite subject of noted Chinese painters of past dynasties. Bamboo, a material for arts and crafts and a symbol of integrity, has enriched the traditional Chinese culture, and become an everlasting subject for scholars and artists. According to the Chinese philosophy of geomancy (feng shui)Business Management Articles, bamboo is believed to be able to ward off bad spirits. The display ?of a bamboo painting ?in your home can create an kind of Eastern aesthetic?atmosphere?and ensure only good spirits enter your home.

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