Power Planter Hand Held Garden Auger Review

Power Planter Hand Held Garden Auger Review

In this video I review the Power Planter DIY Guru Hand Held Auger Bit. It is 3″ x 12″ with a 3/8 inch hex drive so will fit most hand drills. Power Planter recommends an 18 volt drill for this bit and they also recommend a stabilizer handle. I use my 18 volt Ryobi lithium drill to test it out in very heavy clay soils. I don’t have a stabilizer handle so it was a pretty good forearm workout.

It performed well in my test and was significantly faster than hand digging with a Hori Hori, a japanese digging knife. The hand dug hole took 1 minute while the auger bit did it in 17 seconds!!!
Now I don’t think this tool is necessary if a well established vegetable garden as the soil should be quite soft and crumbly. Where I think this auger bit would be most useful is in establishing a new planting area or pioneering some rough ground. I think the best use approach would be a two person team, one person drilling holes with the auger bit and the other planting right behind them.

You can get the power planter auger bit here:

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I purchased the auger after a recommendation from my friend Billy at Perma Pastures Farm and thought it would be a very helpful tool for people to speed up their planting.

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