Quarterly Hunting GIVEAWAY 2020 1st Quarter: $84 value in camo gear! (Swamp N Stomp Raffle #1)

Quarterly Hunting GIVEAWAY 2020 1st Quarter: $84 value in camo gear! (Swamp N Stomp Raffle #1)

First Entry = Subscribe to our youtube channel
Second Entry = Follow our instagram (http://www.instagram.com/swampnstomp18)
Third Entry = Sign up to our e-mail list (https://mailchi.mp/0ba60125bc05/swampnstomp)

That’s a total of three entries that will be automatically entered into future raffles as long as you remain a subscriber, follower and e-mail recipient.

– Make sure your subscriptions are set to ‘public’, if they are still set to private (the default setting) we will not be able to see your name in our subscriber list, and you will not be entered in the raffle.
– Make sure you turn on notifications so we can get your attention when you win!
– Swamp N Stomp will pay for domestic shipping to the lower 48 states. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and international shipping must be paid by the winner.

This kicks off our quarterly give away, meaning we will be giving away hunting, fishing, camping or outdoor gear to a lucky follower every 3 months. This current raffle will run until the end of March, but signing up secures you an entry in all future raffles.
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Swamp N Stomp is a channel or vlog, whatever you want to call it, dedicated to helping the hunting community grow, specifically in Florida. Studies show that the majority of modern hunters had family members who raised them as hunters, and a large portion of non-hunters want to hunt but don’t know where to start. By documenting our hunting adventures, making instructional or tutorial videos, and really anything-hunting-related videos, we hope to help bridge that gap by providing practical information for beginner and experienced hunters on how to become a better and more ethical hunter. Click that subscribe button and join us for the ride! Thanks for watching!

Disclaimer: Swamp N Stomp LLC and it’s constituents are not responsible for any accidents, injury, or legal ramifications that result from your actions. The information presented in these videos are based on personal preference, should you choose to adopt methods presented in these videos, the responsibility for that decision falls on you. Furthermore, it is important to stay up to date with rules and regulations that apply to you and the land you hunt on. Be safe, stay diligent, and good luck in the woods!

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