Solo Quail Hunting California

Solo Quail Hunting California

No dog, no hunting partner. Just a man and a shotgun. I left in missed shots and some speed up walking and searching for birds to try and convey some of what it is like to hunt alone for birds in CA. Really disappointed I had the camera off for the 2 for 1. Hope to have some better setups for next season.

Footage from 2016/17 season.

Gun: 12 gauge Baikal. It’s a POS, but still takes birds fine!
Camera: Gopro Hero3+ Silver
Camera mount: Standard head strap.

*This video uses the basic head strap but I have since created several modified versions that allow the camera to be mounted upside down. If you use a head strap I strongly suggest cutting the original mounting point off and shaping it to put a curved adhesion mount there instead. And don’t ever use the waterproof case either.

** Oh man this video looks and sounds like trash now after what I have since learned. If you make hunting videos or plan to I’ve learned a lot since this one and suggest watching this video I made about how you should set up your camera for hunting.


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