The Hunting Story (Uncensored, HD)

The Hunting Story (Uncensored, HD)

This took place on the plains of our fair South Dakota.

The players include…

Jack: the curious and opportunistic kanine,

Toby: the non-poop inclined weimeraner innocently keeping his post,

Uncle Tony our fearless leader and owner of Jack,

Fabian: the Nordic Red head hunter and companion of Toby,

Chaz: capturer of the event and slayer of the fowl,

John: the new guy and coconspiritor of Jacks

to leave the door open for one of the most unforgetable days of the hunt for the ringneck.

The stage is set just off a dirt road where the last player
and antagonist;

Michael Jacobson

has relieved himself of bodily refuge upon a dirt road, that dirt road became our walking trail and the place where events such as this can only be seen not told……..


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