Tim Kennedy | Texas Hog Hunting Gear (2020)

Tim Kennedy | Texas Hog Hunting Gear (2020)

Tim Kennedy has slayed thousands of hogs in Texas. In this episode Tim breaks down his 2 hog hunting setups. First up is his ground rifle, optics, laser and ammo. Next is his helicopter hog hunting gear, his rifle, optics, and laser. Tim Kennedy shares a little bit about his strategy for taking out multiple hogs in one line instead of just nailing a single hog as well as how he approaches shot placement on hogs.
Tim Kennedy has a background in MMA and the Special Forces. His career in both is incredible. As a Special Force sniper, Army Ranger and outdoorsman he has a deep understanding of hunting and the gear necessary to stack up hogs.

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Gear Mentioned:
Leupold Mark 6 M6C1 1 https://bit.ly/GW-Leupold_Mark_6
556 ammo https://bit.ly/GW-556_ammo
Visible Laser https://bit.ly/GW-Laser
Atn Pvs14 Night Vision Monocular https://bit.ly/GW-PVS_NightVision
300 blackout https://bit.ly/GW-300_Blackout
Leupold D-Evo Scope https://bit.ly/GW-Devo
Red Dot https://bit.ly/GW-Red_Dot

Blog Link & Full Transcription: https://www.timetogowild.com/stories/Tim-Kennedy-Texas-Hog-Hunting-Gear-2020

Show Notes:
Tim Kennedy on Restless Native: https://youtu.be/NxJLsbw0pb8
Tim Kennedy’s EDC Gearbox Talk: https://youtu.be/bAimWi0JO4w

Partial Transcription:
Brad: We’re 30 shows deep and I have one question for you faithful Gearbox Talk listener do you want more Tim kennedy the people have spoken because the last show with Tim discussing his approach to everyday carry was one of the best shows we have ever done today we’re talking to the american sniper about something he knows better than maybe anyone I have ever talked to we’re talking about tim’s hog hunting setup tim’s going to reveal his entire setup the whole thing we’re talking about his caliber of choice his optics his tactics hunting from a helicopter and we’re gonna talk about tim’s thoughts on eating wild hogs if that sounds awesome text this show to a buddy who also loves hog hunting text it right now and make sure you subscribe because I have guests like Tim on the show every single week this isn’t even my last show about hog hunting this year cable smith is going to come on and we’re going to talk about hog hunting in texas very soon at the very least can I get an upvote on this show on youtube or a review on the podcast all of the gear that Tim mentions is going to be dropped in the show notes and remember any of the purchases through the links will support go wild and we’re going to donate a portion of our proceeds to a camp called raising my doors they teach kids to hunt fish shoot camp you can’t do any better so if you’re going to buy the gear anyways buy it through the links and let’s support this awesome camp alright let’s see what the green beret has to talk about shooting wild boars this is Gearbox Talk with Tim kennedy

Tim Kennedy I think I heard you once say that you’ve shot like thousands of hogs was that right

Tim: Yes

Brad: I think that makes you the foremost authority on hog hunting that I’ve had on the show so welcome to Gearbox Talk man

Tim: Well just on the show but in in texas i’m i’m amateur hour

Brad: It’s like running run of the mill Texan right there alright man let’s talk a little bit about your setup I know you do literally all types of hog hunting bow night day helicopter you can throw that in but what’s your rifle set up for hog hunting

Tim: So I have two approaches one’s kind of a the nighttime hunt so I have a variable power optic so you know we’ll we’ll set up at sunset I love leupold I think they’re they’re the best I measure an optic off of how it performs in that hour of sunrise and sunset all optics all glass in the middle of the day with full light look really really similar but it’s at like 6 15 in the morning when the sun hasn’t crested the horizon yet and you have that weird blue light coming in that’s when you really see the difference in a high level scope to a low level scope so I have a laser on this and so for for a sunset hunt for example with 556 on with this mark six variable power one to six power illuminated reticle suppressor I can get a hunt I can get a couple pigs on the ground before the sun sets at you know like a feeder and then the sun sets and I still am able to hunt for two or three hours after it so in a just on like an evening hunt you know you can put eight to ten pigs on the ground before you even get into the night time then i’m gonna hop into polaris or you know like even a go-kart which are really useful I think a lot of people don’t think about taking a golf cart taking the top off and taking that front windshield off and they’re really quiet and you just cruise around put some some wheels on it so with that you can spend as much money as you want on thermals and you know pvs 15s two tube…

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  1. Donovan Sears on August 17, 2021 at 10:40 pm

    Always fun listening to Tim. Good one, Brad.