Unboxing Gardening kit || Start your Kitchen Garden & Grow Herbs at Home

Unboxing Gardening kit || Start your Kitchen Garden & Grow Herbs at Home

The complete How-To for our DIY Gardening Kits!
Everything thats in there, and how to use it. A step-by-step instructive visual that will make you want to rush to our studio right now and buy all the variants of these amazing magic boxes! 🎁.
Wheather its fresh vegetables & herbs for your kitchen garden or flowers for your terrace garden, grow them yourselves at your homes with ease.
For someone who wants to grow his/her own greens from scratch, our Gardening kit makes life fairly easy for them. It comes with a trowel, a germination tray, cocopeat bricks, seeds, grow bags and a detailed user manual – and everything including the packaging is 100% ecofriendly. Currently we have 4 varieties of kits.

You can check them here-

GARDENING KITS – https://bit.ly/39bNHeu
SEEDS – https://bit.ly/2PsSLUU

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