Vegetables As Antioxidants


Vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants and
protect us from many diseases. Green vegetables contain essential
vitamins & minerals and are thus very beneficial for health.
Generally simple vegetarian recipes or food dominate the menu range as
the availability of vegetable and pulses is great in number than the non
vegetarians. Vegetarian dishes cooked dry also gets the name as curries
(beans, cabbage etc). Curry is a secondary dish which is used to mix
with rice. Curry looks like a spicy stew usually dark in color made
with spices including curry powder, curry leaves, tamarind, coriander,
chilli powder, pepper, cloves etc. Curry powder is available off shelf
or prepared with the combination of various spices and used while make
curry. Some curries color will frighten but it taste great. So don’t
surprise with the color of the final dish. A balanced pure
vegetarian recipes is the best diet. Any person should always plan his
diet for his well being. Always the best and the healthy food should be
consumed to maintain a good health. Eating vegetarian food for dinner is
the best choice made ever as it is simple, good for health and
digestion becomes easy. Simple Vegetarian Recipes can be prepared for dinner like soups, low oil foods, chapathis / rotis, fruit juice / fruits and many more…. A
low calorie vegetarian diet will always keep you fit and fine, and free
from many diseases. A Very Low calorie food is nothing but the diet
which consists of very less amount of nutrients and does not
sufficiently supply the body with energy required which is different
from low calorie diet. Vegetarian food is been considered to be high
fibre, low cholesterol and low fatty diet, which is best for kids. A
restrictive and a planned Vegetarian Food For Kids
are very necessary, if not it may cause health problems and certain
nutritional deficiencies / malnutrition, which is considered to be one
of the most dreadful problem in Indian children. Due to the growing age
certain nutrients like calcium, vit D, protein, iron, iodine, calories
etc., are very essential in their daily diet. Vegetarian soups
are also one of the important part of the healthy diet, which keeps away
from many diseases and also cures certain ailments. It also helps in
decreasing the weight. These soups are easy to prepare and requires less
time. Many types of vegetarian soups are prepared in Delhi.

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